Modria Acquires Juripax

Apr 29, 2014

Modria, provider of the world’s leading online dispute resolution (ODR) platform, announced today that it has acquired Netherlands-based Juripax B.V., an online mediation software provider. Juripax has the leading European online dispute resolution platform, helping mediators and dispute resolvers, companies, and consumers resolve disputes of many kinds, from divorce to e-commerce.

Through its acquisition of Juripax, Modria reaffirms its commitment to the European market and adds new technology for the provision of fast and fair resolutions to cross-border disputes. It coincides with the publication of the June 18, 2013, ADR Directive (Directive 2013/11/EU) and the ODR Regulation (Regulation EU 524/2013) in the Official Journal of the European Union, fueling broad adoption of online dispute resolution across Europe.

Under the agreement, Modria has acquired all technology and intellectual property assets of Juripax, and the Juripax co-founders will join the Modria advisory board.

“We are excited about welcoming the talented Juripax team into the Modria family,” said founder and COO Colin Rule. “The European market for online dispute resolution continues to grow rapidly, and with this acquisition, we are confident we will be able to meet this demand through new expertise and relationships within the region.”

Juripax co-founders May-Britt Kollenhof-Bruning and Gert-Jan Kollenhof will join the Modria advisory board, adding a strong European expertise to help inform the Modria strategy.

“New legislation and the ever-increasing pace of commerce have elevated the importance of online dispute resolution throughout Europe,” said May-Britt Kollenhof-Bruning, co-founder of Juripax. “Now as a part of Modria, we will be able to offer the world’s leading ODR platform to new and existing customers across the region.”

Modria provides the leading software-as-a-service platform for online dispute resolution. Securely hosted in the cloud by Modria, the platform allows customers to link together negotiation, mediation and arbitration modules to configure support for their specific dispute resolution processes. The platform provides rich support for discussion and caucusing, document management, scheduling and case management, and award drafting, allowing neutrals and parties to focus on finding solutions instead of paperwork. The Modria online dispute resolution platform is in use today by businesses and government agencies across the US, Canada, and Europe.

Modria’s team of experts has decades of combined experience in the field of ODR, handling a wide range of disputes ranging from complex international commercial arbitration to ecommerce. Its co-founders, Colin Rule and Chittu Nagarajan, are two of the world’s leading online dispute resolution experts who helped to launch the field of ODR over the past fifteen years.

About Modria:

Founded in 2011, the Modria team of resolutions experts and technologists has built Modria Resolution Center, the leading online dispute resolution platform for businesses and government agencies that turns disputes of any volume and type into fast and fair resolutions, reducing legal risk and operating costs, while growing customer loyalty. Our founders wrote the book on online dispute resolution – literally. Before starting Modria, our team of professionals created the technology used by eBay and PayPal that has successfully resolved hundreds of millions of cases. Modria is privately held and based in San Jose, CA, USA. Find more information at or email info(at)modria(dot)com.

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